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X Multimedia Inc. (XMMI)
Winter Park, FL.
virtual reality tours and visualization, 3D tour of St Augustine

Xatrix Entertainment
West Los Angeles, CA.
11-01-99 remaining team is working on Castle Wolfenstein 2000 
08-27-99 on the verge of closure as a company, some teams to regroup.
tiny dev, Kingpin (3D action urban gangsta based on enhanced Quake2 pub Interplay 99), Q2 mission pack: The Reckoning 5/98, dev Redneck Rampage, Cyberia

Xicat Interactive
10-19-99 SouthPeak Interactive to pub 3 N64 titles
Incoming, ignition, Guns & Ammo

Xoftware Innovations
tiny start up, Xpace - open ended turn based 200 player space empire, Tony Hamilton - President and sole proprietor

Xtreme Games LLC
1491 Gingerwood Ave. 
Milpitas, CA.  95035
10-02-99 hosting first Xtreme Games Developer Conference (Armegeddon 99) in Santa Clara. 
tiny PC shareware virtual game dev/pub co, 58 "partners", network employees via internet, 50-50 profit split; ceo Andre' LaMothe author Game Programming Gurus, Black Art, Dummies, Rex Blade

Xulu Entertainment Inc.
651 Brannan Street, Suite 410
San Francisco, CA.  94107-1511
(415) 365-6901
fax: (415) 365-6902
dev next-generation virtual experiences for both our "ultimate experience" showcase sites and our
upcoming broadband Internet sites

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